Converting More Social Media Leads

So you’ve gained a lead through social media. Whether it’s a like, share, message, retweet, or pin on one of your real estate-related posts—these social actions serve as significant opportunities to connect with potential clients.
Here are some practical steps you can take to get your hot and warm leads to the next level, converting more of your social media leads.

When it comes to hot leads, be prompt and resourceful.

Hot leads, or “shoppers,” can come from a variety of social media sources, but they will primarily come from personal and extended connections, referrals and paid traffic.

When hot leads have expressed interest in working with you, the key is to maintain regular, prompt contact, as time is of the essence. If you’ve posted a photo of a home you recently sold and a lead comments that they’re looking for a similar property, ‘like’ their comment, then reply to them directly or share a listing on their Facebook wall.

Be well-prepared to answer an array of questions from home value to market statistics to neighborhood conditions. Shoppers will be impressed with your expertise.

Meet more business by staying on top of major life events within your network.

An easy way to drum up potentially hot leads is to canvass your personal and business connections. Keep an eye out for major life events such as weddings and birth announcements on your social media channels—these could indicate a change in home shopper status. Comment on posts related to these events, and don’t be afraid to personally reach out to your connections to remind them your services are available.

Consider using a paid service to bring highly interested leads to your social media sites.

Paid traffic can convert at twice the rate of organic traffic, because people who click on your ads are in more of a transactional mode than those just browsing.

Use services like READ ADvantage advertising on Facebook to create highly effective ads targeted to buyers and sellers in your market, and get lead data for consumers clicking on your ads.

Nurture your warm leads to build relationships, value and trust.

Leads who aren’t ready to buy, or “browsers,” should be nurtured over a period of time. Before reaching out, you’ll want to gauge how warm your leads are.

‘Likes’ on your posts don’t provide much insight into a lead’s interest unless they’re ‘liking’ one of your promotional posts—in which case, they may be very warm! To determine buyer and seller interest, leave a comment, or better yet, send a message personally introducing yourself and your services. Develop quality relationships to build trust.

Save time following up with your warm leads by engaging them with interesting, relevant content on your social pages. Be sure you are producing enough content to continually engage your followers.

Develop a plan for your downtime, to keep bringing leads into your pipeline.

To keep generating leads, stay active on social media. Your customers are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many other social sites, so if you don’t have time to manage all of them pick one and run with it! Leads from social media are just as important as leads acquired anywhere else. Seize your social media opportunities and convert more leads.