‘Nasty’ Instagram scam steals login info

A fresh Instagram phishing scam created the rounds over the weekend, according a media reports.

The “Nasty List” scam begins with a personal message from one of your followers, saying they noticed your name on a “nasty list.” after you click the link to the Instagram account, the profile includes a link to the purported list.

The link takes you to a page that looks like an official Instagram login page, however it’s a front for scammers to steal your login info. The victims report that the hackers then log in to their Instagram accounts and send the “Nasty List” phishing messages to their followers.

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TikTok is no longer available on both Apple and Google stores in India

Apple and Google have pulled popular video sharing app TikTok from their app stores in India amid pornography fears.

Quartz India reported early Wednesday morning that TikTok was unavailable for download on both the Google and Apple store. Business insider contacted Apple and Google for comment however didn’t immediately hear back.

Earlier this month, the Madras high court asked the government to ban the app, saying that it inspired pornography and made young users vulnerable to sexual predators. Its creator, Chinese company ByteDance, urged the court to prevent this ban on the grounds that it’d go against freedom of speech rights in India.

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