Pinterest for the Real Estate Industry

When it comes to Pinterest, the one question real estate agents ask all the time is “My business doesn’t sell products. Can Pinterest still work for me?”

Yes, it certainly can!

While there is no doubt that Pinterest has certainly proven to be a powerful platform for retail businesses — especially businesses that sell products online- it also offers impressive benefits for other industries as well, including the real estate industry.

Here are some insights to keep in mind so you can use Pinterest to engage your audience, drive traffic to other branding materials, and generate new leads and clients:

Benefits to the real estate industry

Much like tourism, the real estate industry relies heavily on people being able to envision themselves somewhere new.

While many in the real estate industry may be on other social networks already, an advantage of Pinterest is how easily it brings people back to your website. Think of Pinterest as a virtual catalog where users can find and browse properties before they contact you directly.

Create boards for different cities or neighborhoods where you have listings. This can become a resource for current and future clients so they can have a better understanding of the real estate industry and what’s available in their desired market.

Pinterest also provides a great opportunity to show prospective clients how happy your past customers are in their new homes.  Those in the real estate industry can ask customers to write a short statement about why they love their new home and how you helped them get there. Pin these testimonials to a designated board along with a picture of their home.

The real estate industry is a personality driven industry. One of the benefits of Pinterest is that it allows real estate agents to display their personality and what they stand for. For example, many in the real estate industry support local causes and charities.  No matter what the mission of your support is for, Pinterest can help you promote this cause and inspire others to get involved as well.

To do this, use the photos you have from past events and volunteer opportunities to show this organization in action. Pin these photos to different boards and tell a story that goes along with them in the caption. Make sure you link back to your website or a donation page.

Remember that such displays have an advantage because a lot of the work that you do has an emotional appeal. Utilize Pinterest to show people what you are doing and give them tips for how they can make a difference too. If there’s a shared connection in one regard, this increases the likelihood of forging a relationship and continuing this connection to other matters.